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Farmet Overview

The company Farmet a. s. is a dynamically developing Czech company devoted to the development, production, sale, and service of agricultural machines for soil processing, sowing, and technologies for processing of oilseeds, vegetable oils, and feed production. Farmet has continued to expand globally, and considerable new investments in the development of a modern production factory in Česká Skalice, Czechia, have guaranteed further development in the field of quality and innovation.


Farmet's success in creating quality, innovative products and technologies are attributed to close cooperation between Farmet engineers, final customers, research institutes, and universities. The products of the Farmet brand are characterized by unique technical solutions, many of which are protected by patents. The aim of future development is not only to improve the quality and added value of the products but also to improve production technologies, productivity, workplace safety, and environmental protection.


Our Relationship

East-Can has been representing Farmet Canada since 2015 and has enjoyed selling their high-quality tillage machinery to the Ontario, Quebec and Maritimes agricultural markets. With over 300 machines sold in Ontario/Quebec, the Farmet brand has been growing at a rapid rate as a result of their passion to create high quality, durable equipment. East-Can assembles the machinery at our warehouse location in Apple Hill, Ontario and stocks a large quantity of parts on premises as well.

Our Product Offering

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Where to Find More Information

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