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SaMASZ Overview

SaMASZ North America LLC is a subsidiary of SaMASZ Sp. z o.o. which is based in Zabłudów, Poland. SaMASZ PL, established in 1984, is currently one of the leading European manufacturers of agricultural and municipal machinery recognized across the world.  


Production is based in Zabłudów, Poland and boasts a new state of the art factory with approximately 1000 employees. A new research and development center was a large focus in the new factory which has allowed SaMASZ to introduce new product innovations to the market.  SaMASZ equipment can be found all over the world with 65% of production being for export. The TOP 9 largest foreign markets are the United States, Germany, Canada, France, Ireland, Latvia, Italy, Australia, the Netherlands and Switzerland. SaMASZ currently hold the Guiness Record for the most amount of hay cut by a triple mower in 8 hours which ended up amounting to 238 acres. 

SaMASZ North America opened the North American Division in 2015 and is based in New Jersey due to its close proximity to shipping ports, and international airports. Since then, there have been regular deliveries of machines to the USA and Canada and in 2022, SaMASZ North America became the largest importer of SaMASZ equipment in the world. SaMASZ is a member of the Farm Equipment Manufacturers Association (FEMA) and continues to participate in their annual meetings. SaMASZ equipment can be found in dealerships across North America and the company is committed to strengthening it's aftermarket sales service and technical support for Dealers and farmers around the world.


Our Relationship

East-Can has been representing SaMASZ since 2015 and has enjoyed selling their high-quality hay and forage machinery in Ontario. With over 150 machines sold in Ontario, the SaMASZ brand has been growing at a rapid rate as a result of their passion to create high quality, durable equipment. East-Can assembles the machinery for Ontario and Quebec at our warehouse location in Apple Hill, Ontario and stocks a large quantity of parts on premises as well.

Our Product Offering

Its products range includes over 300 different types of machines, such as drum mowers, disc mowers, mergers, tedders, rakes, extension arms with attachments, flail mulchers and a wide range of snow plows. SaMASZ is constantly introducing new designs and ideas to the market, which are appreciated by customers and awarded with prestigious prizes.


Where to Find More Information

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